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A Guide To Punjabi Swearing

Punjabis don’t just swear to offend and insult, we swear to divulge information, communicate ideas and enrich each other’s lives with meaning. We strive to make this world a better place by substituting mundane phrases with colourful abuse. The following are just some of the ways in which we accomplish this.

O Phuddi Deya: Hey you

Ja Pehn Yahvaa: Go away

Teri Bund PaaR Deyanga: I don’t like you.

Teri Bund PaaR Ke Hath Ich PhaRa Deyanga: I really don’t like you.

Aa Vayi, Kutteya, Dalleya, Kanjara!: I like you!

Zehn Nu LoRay Lag Gaye Ne: I am confused.

Changi Bund Bandooq Hoi Ai: I am worried.

Bund Ich Khurak Hond’ai Ai: I want to do something inadvisable.

TeriaN KyoN ChuwaN SaRdiaN Ne?: What’s it to you?

Ai Ki Lulbaazi Ai?: This is not right.

Meri Bund Maar Lao: I’ve had enough.

Laala Musa KhariaN Pehn Yahn SavariaN: I am going to do what I want.

O Kithay Bund Marai JaandeiN?: Where are you going?

TuN Kithay Pehn Yahn Gai Aa Si?: Where have you been?

Lun Baabay Da!: No way!

Ud’da Teer Tu’i Ich Le Layai: I have gotten myself into trouble.

Hun Lun PhaR Ke Beh Rao: Nothing can be done now.

Kisay Vele Bund Nai Vi Marayi Di: Do something useful for once.

Tenu Bund Taar Ayi Ai?: And you know this, how?

TuN Nira Lun ‘i AiN: I am disappointed in you.

TuN Aap Hi Ungal Layi Honi: It’s your fault.

Teri Maa Nu Sunday Pein: I hope it doesn’t work out for you.

Onhe Bund Leni Keeti Ai: He criticized me.

Onhe Meri Bund Ich BaaN Pai Ai: He won’t leave me alone.

Onda Phuddu Lagge Ai: He is very lucky.

Ai BaRa Gandoo Ai: He’s very clever.

Tu’i Khali Kar Ditti Su: He’s given up.

Lun Te Chand Maari Su: That hurt on a personal level.

O Pehn Di Lun!: This is amazing!

BundaaN PaaR Deyan Ge!: We will triumph.

TussaN Ki Yehn Khata Khole Ai: I do not trust your establishment.

Ullo Da Patha!: I can’t swear because the kids are listening.

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