The Utterly Random Football/Movie Puns Post

Thank you for these, internet! ❤


The Shawcross Redemption

Gone with the Windass

One Flew Over Gattuso’s Nest

Silence of the Lahm

Thelma and Luiz

Diamonds are for Evra

Mrs. Kuytfire

Torres Gump

Robben Hood

Pele Confidential

Thomas Muller’s Day Off

Stop! Or Maicon Will Shoot

Lindegaarden Cop

The Nevilles Wear Prada


Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels

O’Shea’s Eleven

Riquelme for a Dream

Debbie Does Gallas

Guti and the Beast

Ruud Where’s My Car?

The Usual Busquets

The Big Podolski

You’ve Got Bale

10 Things I hate About Cafu

The Good, the Ba and the Ugly

Cassano Royale

Being Dejan Stankovic

Seven Samaras

Citizen Keane

Lord of the Frings

Dumb and Dembele

About a Boyd

Nani McPhee

Finding Neymar

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One thought on “The Utterly Random Football/Movie Puns Post

  1. Sami Saayer says:

    aida tu footballer

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