A Guide To Punjabi Swearing

Punjabis don’t just swear to offend and insult, we swear to divulge information, communicate ideas and enrich each other’s lives with meaning. We strive to make this world a better place by substituting mundane phrases with colourful abuse. The following are just some of the ways in which we accomplish this.

O Phuddi Deya: Hey you

Ja Pehn Yahvaa: Go away

Teri Bund PaaR Deyanga: I don’t like you.

Teri Bund PaaR Ke Hath Ich PhaRa Deyanga: I really don’t like you.

Aa Vayi, Kutteya, Dalleya, Kanjara!: I like you!

Zehn Nu LoRay Lag Gaye Ne: I am confused.

Changi Bund Bandooq Hoi Ai: I am worried.

Bund Ich Khurak Hond’ai Ai: I want to do something inadvisable.

TeriaN KyoN ChuwaN SaRdiaN Ne?: What’s it to you?

Ai Ki Lulbaazi Ai?: This is not right.

Meri Bund Maar Lao: I’ve had enough.

Laala Musa KhariaN Pehn Yahn SavariaN: I am going to do what I want.

O Kithay Bund Marai JaandeiN?: Where are you going?

TuN Kithay Pehn Yahn Gai Aa Si?: Where have you been?

Lun Baabay Da!: No way!

Ud’da Teer Tu’i Ich Le Layai: I have gotten myself into trouble.

Hun Lun PhaR Ke Beh Rao: Nothing can be done now.

Kisay Vele Bund Nai Vi Marayi Di: Do something useful for once.

Tenu Bund Taar Ayi Ai?: And you know this, how?

TuN Nira Lun ‘i AiN: I am disappointed in you.

TuN Aap Hi Ungal Layi Honi: It’s your fault.

Teri Maa Nu Sunday Pein: I hope it doesn’t work out for you.

Onhe Bund Leni Keeti Ai: He criticized me.

Onhe Meri Bund Ich BaaN Pai Ai: He won’t leave me alone.

Onda Phuddu Lagge Ai: He is very lucky.

Ai BaRa Gandoo Ai: He’s very clever.

Tu’i Khali Kar Ditti Su: He’s given up.

Lun Te Chand Maari Su: That hurt on a personal level.

O Pehn Di Lun!: This is amazing!

BundaaN PaaR Deyan Ge!: We will triumph.

TussaN Ki Yehn Khata Khole Ai: I do not trust your establishment.

Ullo Da Patha!: I can’t swear because the kids are listening.

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59 thoughts on “A Guide To Punjabi Swearing

  1. Anon-Punjabi says:

    What part of the anatomy is the bundh? Which gender possesses bundhs?

    • Haseeb Asif says:

      the bund is the part of the anatomy one sits with, and is possessed by people of every gender, age, class and race. some people have big, round, visible ones while with others you might suspect, looking at their flattened jeans, that nothing of the sort exists, but it does. everybody has one.

      • Vipasha says:

        I guess the one which is noticeable is worst..It makes the whole structure ‘deform’ rather than making it look saucy 😦

  2. jareer says:

    Hahahahaha! I think I can help you expand this list a little bit.

    • Haseeb Asif says:

      please, by all means. this is an academic pursuit and is open to all serious contributions

      • Anonymous says:

        oo then you haseeb asif bullshit did this job…Teri behn di fudi vich dhaka mar ke cheeka marvau… salla bhen chod… salle ne hindi vich likh tiya, fudi da… salla chutiya… sare meaning galat ne…salla chutiya…

  3. Anirudh says:

    O pehn di lun! Haseeb phaji, tuhi taan bundaan paar hi dittiyan ne! Superb work!!

  4. Ugly Shoelace says:

    Hahah! I should have no trouble conversing with Punjabis now. I shall write these down and memorize, yes.

  5. تساں بے شمار پڑھن آلیاں دا علم ودھا دتا ہے۔ شاباشے سیبیا۔

  6. Shoaib Anwar says:

    Contact me for a Guide to Pashto Swearing!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Level…..Laala Musa KhariaN Pehn Yahn SavariaN!!

  8. shabash! shabash! 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    O terriii.. ROFL

  10. Minerva says:

    Dammit. Just when I thought I knew all I needed to know about the Punjabi language!

    Thumbs up! Mogambo khush hua hai. Ilm main izaafa hua!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Public Service Message ::: Those who dont know Punjabi. don’t even dare use these… 😀

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. bg says:

    very academic for a north-easterner like me – having learnt basics of communications in hindi/pubjabi from the delhi street.

  14. Siddhartha says:

    Almost all of these are used, while one’s playing dota.

  15. Anonymous says:

    love it. i’d like to contribute too!

    Teri ma de koussay ich manji la ke teri pehn nu chodaan! ( i have only the utmost disdain for you)

  16. *Brains Blown* . FuckingEpic!

    And one from my side although i am not used to swearing in Punjabi.

    Baith Ja Lun Tey, Tey Ponch Ja Chand Tey : I Don’t Give A Fuck!

  17. bbb says:

    You can become a great linguist, please get in int ouch with me.

  18. atifmumtaz says:

    I am punjabi, but did not know all of these, fucking lols

  19. Muhammad Ali says:

    haha. Haseeb BundaaN PaaR ditteeyan nay!

  20. Dej Maad says:

    O Bund maar = leave it…or ignore it.

    Lun Maaran = I will screw you

  21. Dej Maad says:

    Lun tay sawaar na ho = Dun try be over smart

  22. Dej Maad says:

    Pehn chudakkar = Coward

    Teri waja’ch lun maaran = U r useless..used when someone is giving LAME EXCUSES

    Koosi Pitti da = From a slutty background.

  23. Diep says:

    being a woman i am so ashamed . why all the abuses and curses for mother, and sister

  24. anantha says:

    Reply to Diep: Diepji, the punjabi curse showcases the reverence in which punjab holds women. No greater blow to an adversary than to mock his womenfolk,and when stunned or lightning struck, how better to express it than, than to exclaim and invoke what is clearly extraordinary, on high, obviously not pedestrialn and on a higher plane altogether, than the one that is doing the exclaiming – pehn di lunn! Anantha

    • F. says:

      Pfft. I’m sick and tired of women being the custodians of honor, keepers of all that is ‘sanctified’. You put them on a pedestal, you knock them down when you need to, as if they’re nothing more than that–frozen symbols of your own ego, mirrored statues that can be destroyed and built up again as many times as you want.
      I’d rather just be human, nothing more and nothing less.

      • Mzkhan says:

        i’ll have to agree with you! If woman are such a sacred, than why use them as an instrument of insult!?

  25. Wasif sexy Mehmood says:

    lala musa kharian pehn *YAVAHN SAVARIA.

  26. Ayaz says:

    What about: Bund vi marao, te kaar vhi chad ke aayo. (Do not ask me for a second favor from the person who is already doing you a favor).

  27. bisma says:

    tofa means

  28. Taha Khan says:

    What is the meaning of Tenu Bund Taar Ayi Ai ??

  29. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck? who did that mother fuckin job, even don know how to write it down. First become a Punjabi man, THEN DO THIS AWESOME JOB, bitch please

  30. jasmine says:

    don’t learn this. It is totally crap

  31. Arashpreet Kaur says:

    Ha ha ha salle menu is no te call kar +919814389759 ta me dasagi is galla da matla b eh jis ne wi likhya hai oh bada hi tallentted lagda hai i want friends and true partner

  32. vineela says:

    Can these words b used in general!? I mean..these aren’t homonyms…r they?? :/

  33. louise says:

    U sick basted this is telling all wrong because o phen di lun actually means ur sister likes dick not this is amazing why are writting shit above and teaching people wrong saala kutta bhenchods who ever wrote that above

  34. Hadi says:

    You forgot one thing. Choot Chalaki – being smart ass

  35. dzaaram says:

    Reblogged this on D'Zaara M..

  36. SL says:

    انت کیتی جے پا جی، اک ہور لوو:او تینوں لن ماراں

  37. tazpineapple says:

    Reblogged this on tazpineapple and commented:

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