Alphabet Soup

there was a time, I must regret

when a riot started in the alphabet

A accused B of stalking

and U wished I would stop talking

H got dumped and started to cry

said ask me anything just don’t ask Y

someone or the other said O was obese

now he wishes he looked more like these.

K got C sick, flirted with G

then went on a trip with LSD

E was popped, a J got rolled

X was cross and L got bold

lazed about, had T in his bed

didn’t even shower, at least that’s what V said

M and N moaned of sounding same

while W didn’t like it’s name

R was raunchy and F was crass

Z was sick of coming in last

and finally, after all was done,

‘fuck you!’

said P to Q

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One thought on “Alphabet Soup

  1. ezuhaib says:

    “then went on a trip with LSD”

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