A Conversation

me: isn’t bulbous a wonderful word? i’d like to have it engraved on my tombstone, ‘here lies bulbous’. or put it on the end of letters, ‘yours bulbously’

her: that sounds lovely haseeb

  and exactly wht i want to hear first thing in the morning

me: well i can’t account for our bulbous time difference on a whim you know, anyway good morning and i hope you have a wonderfully bulbous day

her: lol

  thanks..i think

time difference is easy, if its night over there its morning over here

  the more night it is there the more morning it is here

  get it? even my 7 yr old sister gets it

me: aha! but how do i know it’s night over here? sunlight never enters my room, i live in eternal darkness

and tell your sister not to act smarter than kids her own age, she won’t make any friends, 7 year olds should only say ‘gaa gaa’ ‘goo goo’ and fall down while walking

her: lol

you obviously haven’t been around kids

  she has her own mobile

  and she knows all about credit and battery and how to call bhaijan

and whyyyy do you live like a hermit

me: not i, an imitator, my lady, ‘tis the hermit who doth live like me

her: lol

i swear you’re crazy

  and all you crazies deserve each other


  i had to ask you abt my postcolonial paper

  will you be around in 6-7 hours

me: a round? yes, i am feeling circular today, and all round things are everlasting, for they have no beginning, or end

her: ?

me: confounding people is an art i can master

  for is a master not just a slave who forgets?

where does a madman hide but in sanity?

where does a clock tick but in time, and in time, everything is a tick


2 thoughts on “A Conversation

  1. bulbous is indeed a wonderful word.

  2. F. says:

    And if it’s possible, I have fallen even more in love with you

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