Save HEC

April 2011  
We of the Jahil-e-Mutlaq movement/group, henceforth known simply as JeM, hereby commend the government of Pakistan on it’s excellent decision to do away with the cumbersome Higher Education Commission. We firmly believe that higher education should be available to everyone in whatever shape or form they desire, that it should not be monopolized or regulated by any central authority and that no such authority should be trying to goad people into higher education programmes with insidious things like grants and scholarships, because there is a dearth of jobs in the market as it is, and all this achieves is to produce overqualified, underemployed, disgruntled public protestors.
Signed by Preisdent of JeM, Fazl-ur-Rehman.
April 2021
We of the JeM think great of the government for their good decision to end the bachelors degree programme in the country and also because sixteen years of education is four years too much. Inter should be enough to start a career some where or matric and then just sit in our father’s shops.  
Singed by President of JeM, Fazul Rehman 


aprel 2O31

we of teh jEm thank great of the gorment for ending matric bored and becaus I like to hang my frands nd smoke cigrats, no budy likes books any wey.

sighed, ‘maana charsi hehe hey giv me my pen bak

helo !

jay ee em thank you presdent for end pubic school system you are a wanderfl man n my mothr say goood no rewrd in skool any way school bad bad bad bad

i lik ice cream


2 thoughts on “Save HEC

  1. Minmin says:

    Mr. H. Iblees, you have clearly lost control of you’re senses, i like that. Not that you had many in the first place but you’re views are refreshing and remind me of a certain Babar Awan who would put forth a similar argument. You’re mentor Fazl-ur-Rehman has taught you well. As per your suggestion I will now drop out of my final semester in university and come live in your house so you can feed me since my father does not own a shop where I can sit and eat and be lazy. What say you? Also could you please also rip up your own degree since its of no value to you…

  2. Leo says:

    I lolled on Fazl-ur-Rehman.

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