Killing Infidels. Chapter 1: Identifying blasphemers

1. My professor often exclaims in class, “God, you’re stupid!”. I think this one’s pretty straightforward.

2. A nieghbouring couple were talking about their son the other day, ‘bara shaitan hai’ they said. Talk about a give away.

2. My brother coughed in the middle of a recitation, there is no coughing part in the Quran. Blasphemy.

3. The leftists at the convention said they were mainly against prophets. Blasphemy.

4. My friend had some religious verses hung up on his rear view mirror when he got into a fatal accident and the scripture was found under the feet of his corpse. Definite blasphemy but I’m not sure what more can be done here, maybe flog his mother?

6. I know a guy called Hammad. Using half the prophet’s name, surely unacceptable?

10. Some years ago the prophet’s birthday happened to coincide with April fool’s day, does that make it incumbent upon us to slay the Gregorian calendar?

14. Ajiz Masih trampled over a piece of paper without making sure the name of the Prophet wasn’t written on it. No doubts here, he should be skewered to a wall but care must be taken not to get done in by the police for graffitti.

15. Wajib Masih forced a Muslim to give false testimony while swearing on the Quran, by refusing to be extorted over rent.

105. Some militants blew up a mosque while killing dozens of people and setting ablaze all types of scripture but I don’t think we should be too quick to judge in this case, maybe they made a mistake?

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3 thoughts on “Killing Infidels. Chapter 1: Identifying blasphemers

  1. Ugly Shoelace says:

    Ajiz, Wajib and Farigh – Pure gold!

  2. Ali Z. says:

    While amusing, the thought that one day one or all of these might come true is disturbing to say the least..

  3. Mariam says:

    Very well written. And I agree. The sad/ironic part is that it’s possible one day it actually might be true. And that day may not be too far.

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